Open call

Following is the original call for application.



Artists of all ages and all skill levels worldwide are invited to send their fiber art works for the Swiss Hand Embroiderers’ Guild’s juried project “Depth/Tiefe”.

This is the project process:

  1. the interested artist sends an email to the project curator: contact[at]
  2. the artist will subsequently receive the application form
  3. the artist returns the filled in application form and starts creating her piece(s)
  4. the artist sends high quality pictures of his work(s)
  5. the jury selects the images to be published in the art book
  6. the artist gets noticed by the curator about the jury’s decisions
  7. the artist pays a participation fee of CHF 24.- (this fee is solely for covering the printing costs as well as the shipping fees)
  8. the artist receives one copy of the art book by post mail


Here are the art work requirements:

  • up to three art works per participant
  • the art work has to be an interpretation of the theme “depth” (this can be a figurativ or abstract interpretation)
  • the art work must be created on or after January 1st, 2014
  • you must not send any art work by mail; just take pictures of your work and send those online
  • recommendations for photographs: 1 or 2 overall shots and up to 3 detail shots are to be sent. Photos have to be print quality (high resolution files)!
  • works containing graphic display of violence encouragement or pornography is rejected